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Are you searching for a piece of software because you want to watch TV in your computer? Now you can watch TV channels in your PC and you won’t need any box, aerial or plug-in tuners. Zattoo has arrived to your computer.

Zattoo is a free application for Windows which allows you to watch TV channels directly in your computer Screen, with no cables or aerials. You only need an internet connection and your computer will be converted into a TV in a matter of seconds.

The video quality is great, you will see all usual channels with no problems. You decide the TV channel you are going to watch today. Maybe you are in the office and you don´t want to miss your favorite series, now you can watch them. The image you see here is taken from standard daytime BBC television running at approx 5 seconds delay from the live transmission

Some internet TV programs offer you channels you don't usually watch, but Zattoo offers prime time premium television, the most important channels are included in Zattoo.

Furthermore, Zattoo is continuously being developed and it is intended to offer us 2.0 services in a short time period.

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